Nebraska Sesquicentennial (150th) Anniversary Celebration Week QSO Party

Sponsor: NE150 Hams ad hoc Committee – Co-chairs: Art Zygielbaum, K0AIZ and Matt Anderson, KA0BOJ

  1. Time Period. Nine days starting Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017, 7am (Central Time) and ending Sunday, March 5, 2017, 5pm (Central Time) or Feb.25, 2017, 1300 UTC to March 5, 2017, 2300 UTC. The anniversary date is March 1.
  2. Event Description and Exchange. The QSO Party is composed of multiple stations on-air during the time period. Nebraska hams will use their call (personal or special) with “/NE150” as a suffix, for example KB0LF/NE150. The exchange for Nebraska hams is: call, name, signal strength, and county. In addition, Nebraska stations activating a Nebraska historical site will add the name of that site, for example, “Chimney Rock”. Stations outside of Nebraska will provide call, name, signal strength and state or province, if US or Canada, or country.
  3. Event Website. is available to describe the event and announce special event stations that are activating historical sites (including date, time, frequency, mode, and location.
  4. NE Station Organizers. Nebraska on-air activities can be organized and executed by any Nebraska clubs or individuals.
  5. Historical Theme Special Event Stations. Special event stations representing Nebraska historical event or location are encouraged. Examples are Chimney Rock, the Fossil Beds (Agate or AshFall), SAC Museum, Homestead NM, Morman trail/museum, Lewis and Clark, etc. A list of suggestions will be provided on the website.
  6. Operating Time. The clubs and individuals choose the days of operation that are most convenient for them. Stations are encouraged to be on the air a minimum of 4 hours per day on the day(s) they select for operation.
  7. Band/Mode of Operation. Any band and mode is acceptable. Stations are encouraged to use frequencies and modes that will garner contacts from large geographic areas.
  8. Calls to be Used. Nebraska station operators and organizers are strongly encouraged to get a 1×1 call for this QSO Party. Whether a special call or their normal call, please use “/NE150” as a call suffix, as above, “KB0LF/NE150”, to distinguish Nebraska stations.
  9. QSLs: Commemorative QSL cards will be supplied to Nebraska stations. Hams desiring these cards may send an SASE to the Nebraska stations they contacted.
  10.  Certificates
    • Certificates will be offered to any station upon request indicating that they have participated in the event.  If the station also submits a log and number of NE150Hams contacts, the certificate will be annotated with the number of contacts.
    • Stations that submit logs will be eligible for a special certificate which will be given to each of the in-state and out-of-state stations making the top three numbers of contacts.